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About US

We are a people like you. For some time we have explored web sources, to find the best applications for our company.
We had wanted to be location-free, be able to work from any place and any time.

A buch of SaaS applications successfully covered our business needs and now we are here to help you!

We are providing you with our search engine, which you can use, to find the perfect product for your needs. 


What we do?

We are trying to catalogize as much SaaS product as we can,
which can help you to choose the one, which will fit your organization needs. 

Thanks to our specialist’s research, we are trying to evaluate subjectively each product and list it according to criteria such as price, usability, functionality and more, because we wanted to help you to decide – which one you should consider.

Why this site?

As a group of individuals, we are not working for any big organization, thanks to this, we can judge without filters and list only products tested by us, which we could use by ourselves.

We are opened to help if you stuck with the decision, or some reason you couldn’t decide, feel free to contact us!

We will support you, and provide our specialists consulting.

What people say?

With saas-base.com help we have successfully deployed our first service desk management system in our team. saas-base.com team has provided us with some help during the process. Now we are planning to deploy some CRM software - probably also some SaaS.
Angela Lawsen
Ceo & Founder OF OCCUrix
Our IT department used to buy expensive hardware, which allows us to install needed software. Thanks to the software as a service model we are able to work from any device, without limits - we have a lot of remote workers whose needs constant access to our applications.
Adam Craigser
Head Of Sales , The Changers

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