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Easily work with anyone when all of your files — notes, documents, presentations, videos and more — are securely editable in the cloud.


Have you ever use storage in the Cloud? Box is like Google Drive... but on steroids! With this app, you can organize your data, share it's with the others, and start collaborating.


File management / Storage / Collaboration

“Our success depends on our ability to connect with consumers by providing them with a wide variety of options to meet their desires, needs and lifestyles. In order to achieve this goal, our employees must be able to execute and innovate effectively, at anytime and from anywhere,”

 Alan Boehme,
Global CTO,
The Coca-Cola Company


Box is both used in small companies and big corporations. 

If you are struggling with legacy filesystems or have problems with sharing files – this is the application which could redefine the way you work. 
69% of the Fortune 500 businesses use Box – Is this a good testimony?

There is a place, where you can find a customer stories – many companies uses this product to work smarter, faster and more collaboratively.
Check out: https://www.box.com/customers


Each user of Box has access to it’s interface, where user can store, edit or share files with the others – to work together. 

It is possible to access an app, from each device you are using, smarphone, tablet or just a notebook. 

Thanks to Workspace’s you can share your files/catalogues inside or outside your organization.


Box by default offers a Relay which is a simple way to automate some things. According to this, you don’t need to know how to code, to build workflow, to streamline work and reduce cycle times.

Box Relay uses a powerful workflow engine with a flexible interface and a range of input and output options. This lets users automate content-driven processes across the business.

There is also an option to integrate Box with the other SaaS application, in the App Gallery, you can find 1400+ apps

The product also offers API, which allows developers, to create own integrations.


There are 4 plans available. If you want to try Box before you will buy the licenses, go for a Trial, there are 14 days which should be enough to test it.
If you have a bigger organization, and special needs, you should contact the Box Sales 

Available plans:

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In our opinion:


  • It's offers an application that you can download to your computer that integrates into your "My Computer" or "Finder"
  • There is a unlimited storage version - so you don't have to worry about a space​
  • Box has data protection and file encryption
  • The web and mobile versions work excellently
    very fast and it's super user-friendly
  • The Box Team offers excelent trainings


  • The local application sometimes has little glitches and sync problems
  • Some users experiences "files in conflicts" problems when two or more users try to work on the same document
  • Higher plans are pretty expensive
  • API- it is quiet difficult to learn about various methods

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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