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Freshdesk is a Intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software.


Are you using e-mail account for handling support requests? wrong way! there are many awesome tools for service desk. Freshdesk is the one of the best on the market.​


“It’s very simple and very easy to understand. Moreover, It’s extraordinarily easy to follow up on issues or on tickets if you have Freshdesk.”

Vijoy Nair
User Happiness Lead


Freshdesk is the one of the big SaaS players if we are talking about ticket management. Afordable price, and a lot of functionalities allows both small and large companies to enjoy the improvement of customer service. 

This app is dedicated to a support and customer care teams, to help with communication with a customers and management their tickets in one place.


Freshdesk offers a streamline for your support channels – Email, Phone, Chat and more – so you can respond to all your customers from just one place, an option to collaborate with other support agents to discuss and solve tickets, automations which will help you eliminate repetitive tasks, organize your helpdesk, and keep an eye on critical events. You can also create knowledge base, to build Q&A place and serve self service, and a dashboards to monitor your teams easily and take data driven decisions to hit your support targets.


Freshdesk by default offers some ways to automate things, you can use Event-triggered automation to perform tasks automatically or Ticket dispatch to automatically assign tickets to agents and groups based on keywords, requester or properties. 

If you have specific needs, you can use a marketplace where you can find a massive amount of apps and integrations for Freshdesk.

The product also offers API, which allows developers, to create own integrations.


There are a few plans available. If you want to try Freshdesk, each plan offers a free 21 days trial. Before you will buy the licenses, you can also go for a Free plan which offers essential functions like Email Ticketing, Team Collaboration, Knowledge Base and others.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Free version which offers a lot of functionalities
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Easy way to bring Ticketing to the team
  • It's easy to set it up
  • Allows us to integrate all channels (phone, e-mail, social media)
  • Really affordable plans! even for a small organization
  • Support team are helpful, even when you are using a free plan


  • Spam filter is not perfect - sometimes can hurt user
  • KPI dashboards are not customizable
  • Limits (large files as an attachement are not accepted)
  • Some of the interface areas could be a bit more detailed

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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