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Freshsales is a sales CRM for teams who don’t want to juggle between multiple tools. It offers everything a salesperson needs


In many sales teams, we meet the same problems. The salesperson must use a lot of tools, tools have no intelligence and are too complex and a manager, have too little insights about his team work effects. Freshsales seems to solve all these problems, and it can do it in a proper way.


“Prior to using Freshsales, our processes were largely manual. There was a huge risk of deals falling through the cracks. The amount of time we took from analysis to installation was a mess, and we honestly faced a lot of customer-related issues. Today, I can’t tell you how often I hear employees from different departments telling me-Wow! You save me hours every week!”

Rob Schmidt
Offset Solar


Built-in phone and email, lead scoring, customizable reports, event tracking and a visual sales pipeline—in one single platform – that’s what Freshsales is. 

This tool is dedicated to sales teams in each size, which has problems with managing leads, carry they pipelines, and focus on things which are important – sales effects. 

You can explore case studies here.



Freshsales offers a massive amount of functionalities for a salesman.
With 360° view, you can access customers profiles to identify their needs, check current conversations, deals etc. All from one screen.
Each lead has its scoring, based on artificial intelligence, you can also create territories, which helps you to assign the right agent to the specific customers. You can also schedule appointments, make notes, add files & collaborate with others in specific leads.

An application offers a sales pipeline, thanks to this, you can monitor the progress, on each stage, directly from the dashboard, to stay on track.

There is also an In-app tracking module, which tracks your prospects, and identifies its website visits. You can take those leads straight to the CRM, because Freshsales gives you an ability to auto-populate profiles.

Built-in-phone functionality, no need extra software, you can perform calls with just a single click. Those calls are automatically logged.

According to the 2-Way Email Sync you are able to send and receive e-mails with an option to tracking those. You have even an option to send bulk emails to prospects, based on personalized templates.


In default, Freshsales offers some ways to automate workflows, which helps you to stay more productive, you can create follow-up tasks, or automatically update records. 

There are also a bunch of integrations available, you can connect Freshdesk, Gmail, Outlook or some other well-known apps. 

If it is not enough you can explore API possibilities, and use WebHooks to connect to other apps.


There are a few plans available. If you want to try Freshsales, you can go for a Free trial which offers access to all functionalities for 21 days. 
There is also Free Forever plan, which offers a basic functionalities – if you are a member of young organization, and consider to deploy CRM – you can try this one, for free.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Gathering and organizing detailed information of leads and contacts.
  • Flexible, but not hard to learn
  • Built in phone functionality
  • Possibility to integrate with many other products
  • Ability to connect to the Freshdesk - you can sync support with the sales team
  • Free version for the startups, and 21- days trial
  • Fair pricing options


  • Advanced workflows are possible only with the help of third-party tools
  • Sometimes integration with third party VoIP takes time
  • Users notice problems in contacting with the official support
  • Mobile Application could be improved (more functionalities)
  • Interface sometimes could confuse you (you need some practice to understand things)

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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