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Hive is a Project Management and Collaboration Platform for Fast Moving Teams.


The Hive team said that this is the product for busy peoples, and they are right.

This is a powerful productivity platform which can be used without any training – it is not only a tool wich can help with the projects, Hive also offers communication tools like Chat or Forms, which allows us to gather important information altogether.


“Starbucks couldn’t roll new stores out so quickly without Hive. We have eliminated miscommunication, saved hours of unnecessary meetings, and achieved full transparency across all our projects,” 


Brian Collins
Interior Concepts Design Manager


Hive is a tool for companies which want to move faster, and have control over the projects. You don’t need to be a project manager, to use Hive, you can customize the view, to work as you like – on a calendar, Gant chart, or Kanban. There are some interesting customer case studies, like Starbucks, check out those here.


The main mission of this product is to do project management in ease,
user can choose a favourite view – Gantt chart, Kanban board, table, and switch between those layouts. The whole team stays informed no matter what option they use.

For those people who like to automate tasks, there is a possibility to configure workflows to streamline processes and communication.
You can also use Action Templates, to plan and repeat repetitive tasks.

The manager, in an easy way, can combine serval projects and check the current status, members or assigned labels.

To execute projects, you have Action Cards, where you can find all the information needed to complete tasks, files attached by users, actions or dependencies. Each user has also a personal to-do list, which complies all tasks, across all projects.

If a project or task needs approval, there is a possibility to configure cycles, assign to the right person, share proofs and provide feedback.

Hive offers also communication tools, an integrated email inbox, where you can send, receive messages, and schedule the next steps directly from the interface.

Chat, where you can talk with groups or individuals, or even start a video call to discuss project requirements, after a call you can simply note all the important things using a Meeting Notes function.

Each project allows us to add and share files, by connecting a favourite tool like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box account.

If you need to monitor project status or users productivity, Hive Analytics uses an AI and machine learning to provide interactive and customizable dashboards. You can also manage team utilization across specific projects, and time tracking – by estimating time spent on the project for accurate resource allocation, client billing, and project planning.


Hive integrates with a lot of applications, if you already use SaaS products, you can connect Box and add files from its to the projects, or integrate with your favourite CRM tool.

All the integrations available you can find here.
if you need some custom integration, you can use the Hive API.


There are two plans available –  Professional and Enterprise

Both plans offers a free 14 day trial – so you can check if you like it.

The Professional version offers unlimited projects, storage, and standard integrations.

Enterprise plan also gives us a support, dedicated Account Manager, custom integrations or ability to add an External user.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Ability to view projects in different ways
  • Easy to use without a training
  • Personal to-do list which collect all the tasks of the individuals
  • Hive Chat - you don't need an additional soft to discuss about a project
  • Simplicity of the interface is a big advantage
  • Hive team is continually expanding their functionalities


  • Mobile app needs some improvements (and its loading time)
  • More options to filter projects could be nice (like filter by date complete)
  • We need more integrations with popular apps
  • Sometimes the interface is laggy
  • If you want to track the budget along with the project progress, it is lacking several features that would make that possible

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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