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JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger that teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social.


Business is all about talking to your customers – that’s how you sell.
If your customers are alone on your website – probably they wouldn’t buy anything. JivoChat helps you to stay connected with your customers in real-time, and turn visitors into happy customers.


“We wanted an efficient and economical way to directly reach our customers on our website – JivoChat has provided that and more! JivoChat has enabled us to create a more comfortable and confident experience for our users. Any questions, comments or concerns are handled directly and efficiently. Reservations are up and JivoChat has become an invaluable yet simple tool!”



Steve Bernard,

Managing Partner


JivoChat is an application dedicated to businesses which want to stay in contact with their customers, assist them during the session, and help to choose the right product.

You can view who’s visiting, which webpages they are viewing, and which domain they are coming from. You can also engage any visitors with a live conversation!

This product is already used by more than 277 000 customers globally.


The basic feature of this app is a Chat which is visible on your website, it is perfectly designed and works on any device, every word in the widget is customizable to be understandable in your local language.

You can display messages to engage your customers when they visited your webpage a few times, to help them choose the right decision.

Agents have a standalone application which allows them to handle multiple chat’s at once, offers canned responses or hotkeys, and information about a customer.

Just one click is needed to link a customer into CRM application.
Agent app works on any device, no matter if you use Windows, Mac or an Android Phone, it is also possible to use its directly from the web browser.

 It’s easy to monitor service quality and give your team feedback. JivoChat does this by providing chat logs and reports between agents and customers.


JivoChat saves chat conversations to customer profiles in your CRM and loads customer info from your CRM directly into the JivoChat agent app.

You can connect chat to most known CMS systems like WordPress, Shopify or Magento.

To analyze your data, there is a possibility to integrate with Google Analytics.

All list of integration is available here.

You can also integrate your solution by using the JivoChat API.


There are only two plans available – Professional and Basic.

You can try JivoChat professional free for 14 days.

The Basic version offers 5 seats for agents and basic functionalities like chat, agent apps and 24./7 support.

The professional version costs 10$/agent and offers functionalities like, ability to transfer a chat between agents, monitoring options, canned responses and many more.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Allows you to stay in touch with the customers
  • Powerful Agent app which offers canned responses, translation, and important informations about a customer
  • Mobile friendly (the Chat and agent app)
  • Possibility to handle chat's from other services, like Facebook
  • Constantly updated
  • Great support


  • When you have many agents on a website sometimes it gets confusing as to whom are you doing the changes.
  • Analytics and its notifications should be improved
  • Don't keep the chat history more than two months - you need to export it
  • More Chat window customizations would be great.

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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