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Recruitee is an talent acquisition tool which makes hiring easy.
Attract talent. Automate tasks. Predict success.


The success of the company depending on peoples which we have.
The right person could bring much value to the company.
If you want to find that person, you need a specific way to do it.
Recruitee could be this way because it is a powerful software that makes hiring easy.


“We’re crazy and obsessed with our hiring process, and Recruitee caters exactly to what we need – optimize the shortest way to the best candidates.”


David Darmanin


Recruitee team believes that good software must be scalable for companies of all sizes, so this app would fit a small company – which don’t have head hunters or HR team and just need some help with hiring a right person, and also in a bigger company, where HR person just needs specific software to sort matters related with hiring.


Three words are using to summarize features of this app:

Attract – you got the possibility to create a career site for listing opened positions, using your employer branding, to help you attract the best talent. There is also an option to promote your jobs where it matters or build a talent network.

Automate – an HR person has a lot of repetitive tasks to do, Recruitee offers some features which allow automating. Custom pipelines, where you can track the hiring process, a smart search which offers advanced boolean search filters to easily identify previous applicants, and finally Automated actions – Pre-set actions that are automatically triggered when a candidate progresses in the pipeline. 
You can also conduct the best interviews because an app offers a interview scheduler, integrated video calling or ability to evaluate a candidate.

Predict – using advanced data analytics Recruitee helps you with optimizing every stage of the recruitment process, and predict hiring success. The application uses AI to optimize the process and reduce costs or time. You can track the most important things, like candidate conversions or team performance, you will also get job board recommendations to find the best place to advertise jobs and easy posting option – just one click to post an offer.

You can explore all the features available here.


You can connect Recruitee to all your favourite tools with native Zapier integration which is easy to setup and has 1,000+ tools

If you need customization, you can use Recruitee API to integrate with own website or other tools.

If you are using Slack, there is a possibility to integrate this tool with Recruitee.


Recruitee offers a free 18-day trial, no credit card is required, so you can test the app before you will buy it. 

There are four plans available, the pricing depending on the number of job openings and talent pools. Enterprise plan offer additional advanced integrations, custom imports, and security measures.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • A lot of features to help in recruitment
  • Customized hiring pipeline
  • Customizable reports
  • Ability to create branding job pages
  • All related with recruitment in one place
  • Clear and fair pricing


  • Sometimes UI suffers - for ex. with big PDF's
  • UI sometimes is a little bit confusing
  • When a candidates wants to apply to multiple roles, they must do this manually (it is not automated) ​
  • It could be better integrated with Linkedin

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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