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SalesHandy is a set of tools for a typical Salesman, no longer need for switching from one application to another, everything at one place.


Every salesman uses a specific set of tools in a day work.
Some of us want to know if our messages have been opened,
and another needs to schedule an e-mail campaign.
SalesHandy has all of these functionalities and more, in just one place.


“Easy to use. Quite intuitive. Rules based auto-response/ follow up feature as well as the mail merge makes it very simple to use. We ran a campaign and ended up with too many responses. So we had to turn off the autofollow up responses. So it basically worked too well! Great problem to have, but next time we will send to less people… or space out the campaign more.”


This tool could be used by Sales professionals, to analyze detailed engagement information, HR recruiters to analyze the interest of each candidate or even marketers, to set behaviour-based auto follow-ups.

SalesHandy is already used by more than 13.000 users in 2500 cities.


If you are waiting too much for a response from a customer, a good practice is to follow-up. Sometimes, one or two messages more increases chances for responding by up to 70%.
SalesHandy allows you to set your follow-ups on autopilot, to save your time, by creating a sequence template or behavioural triggers.

You can set up up to 9 stages with multiple trigger conditions like ‘not opened’, ‘been sent’ etc. The tool while sending emails pretends to be human alike – it helps to avoid spam filters.
This function also offers a link & bounce tracking, reports and much more.

Another great functionality of SalesHandy is an expanded message tracking. It offers email open notifications, open rate (how many timers your email has been opened), you can track email replies, and if you need to analyze data, you can get actionable data of tracking metrics, as a CSV as well.

SalesHandy also helps with repetitive tasks, like writing an e-mail to a customer. Now you can use templates, those could be created with HTML template, and caused by the shortcuts. If you want to send a message later, there is also an email scheduling option, where you can even set a proper Time Zone, to deliver the message in your recipient worktime.

Imagine that you have a hundred customers, and you need to inform them, with a new promotion on your product. 
You can use personalized mail merge campaign, to inform all of them, at once. That type of message could be sent to up to 5000 recipients – and beeing tracked.

That’s not all! SalesHandy also helps you with the files.
If you are a Salesman, probably you have a lot of paperwork.
Contracts, invoices, special offers could be also tracked!
The tool allows you to track location, where the prospect has opened your document, set expiration date, check open rate or time spent on the document, or even password protect your file.


SalesHandy is available as a Chrome Extension, which integrates natively with Gmail account, There is also an Outlook plugin which offers most important functionalities, and allows you to work also with Office 365 or Exhange. 

The team also announced a public API release, and much more.


Pricing is affordable and fair! there is a free plan which offers unlimited email tracking, without any ads and signatures like ‘sent with…’. 

You have 14 days for free to check each plan. 

The Regular plan costs 7$/user and adds a document tracking + mail merge option, the Plus version allows us to set auto follow-ups, and Enterprise is dedicated to high volume campaigns.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • A helping hand for each Salesman, which automate repetitive tasks
  • Many tracking options - you can track everything
  • Always free e-mail tracking, without signature 'sent with...'
  • Setup and implementation is fast and intuitive
  • The reporting tools give you what you need and you can download the results in popular format


  • Higher plans are a little bit expensive
  • Sometimes little bugs in the interface
  • Unfortunately no mobile app available yet.
  • Sometimes load time is high (for ex. in the templates section)
  • Lack of integrations, they have announced API release, but we need to wait for it

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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