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Streak for Gmail

Streak mission is  to allow users to run their entire businesses from their inboxes.

Streak For Gmail

With this simple app, you can turn your Gmail Inbox into the powerful tool, which allows you to manage everything, projects, support tickets, candidates and more.


In easy words, Streak is a CRM built into Gmail, with that tool you can set up and customize processes for your team, no matter the use case or how you work. 


CRM is not all of the functionalities which Streak offers, there is also a set of tools which adds special powers to your Gmail – like tracking, mail merge function, thread splitter and more.



Streak was so easy to get started with. I was up and going in about 30 minutes with my pipeline. I love that it is right in my gmail.


Reza Shirazi


This app is dedicated to every person who wants to stay organized.
To use Streak you must be a Gmail / G Suite user, and you need access to your Inbox.

Streak has many use cases, it will improve your sales team effects (work as a CRM tool), allows you to manage projects, support tasks, or even helps with recruitment processes.

You can explore use cases on Streak website.


Even if Gmail has a lot of great functionalities, sometimes you need an additional app, to perform your daily tasks.

If you are a Salesman, you need a CRM to store information about your clients, if you are a head hunter, you need a specific app for HR.

Streak is a set of tools, which can extend Gmail possibilities.

You can easily transform your Gmail into a CRM pipeline, and capture your deals. There is also a possibility to track processes, by configuring Custom views.

Streak adds true collaboration functions, so even support teams will find there an advantage.
One person could have access to another person messages, which you can control with permission roles. If you want to check how many times your client read an offer from you, according to the Tracking function, you can check, when to follow up, or if a customer has already read your message.

When you need to track some activities, like hiring a new employee or just checking if the project is on a good way you can create a structure of the conversation, with intuitive design, create a hub where you can store assets, or read all e-mails related to a specific project, it also allows you to share information between the team.


Strike is an add-on to the Gmail interface, which means, that you need Google account to use it.
It is directly integrated with your Inbox, so you can work from one place.

There is also the possibility to integrate with Zapier which offers about 1000 integrations, and an easy way you can do some workflows with other tools.

For developers, there is a possibility to build a custom integration, thanks to the API.


There are a few plans available. Strike also offers a Personal version, which has a basic CRM features, and some other functions – and it’s completely free.

If you need additional functionalities, there are a Professional and Enterprise which are quite expensive but worth it.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Expands Gmail with an additional functionalities
  • Easy to use and 1-click to deploy
  • Great CRM tools directly in the Gmail interface
  • The Snippets feature which allows us to save a lot of time
  • A lot of helpful features for track progress in projects
  • A free version which is great for a small organization
  • There is a mobile version of Streak, which is great


  • Pipeline view could be improved
  • CRM features are limited when compared to some big company competitors
  • You need Gmail to use Streak
  • Tracking analytics would be improved

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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