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Swivle – Digital Asset Management in the cloud
with unlimited storage


Swivle is a digital asset management software in the cloud with unlimited storage, which helps your team manage all your digital marketing assets in one place. An app offers a file management solution powered by AI which allows you to skip the manual work and let AI help you with automatic tagging and making text in your images searchable.


Before we switched to Swivle, the organization of our more than 150,000 files was nightmarish. Now, it’s easy. Swivle has streamlined processes, allows us to work remotely and efficiently and effectively organize all of our files.

Andrew Jason
Editorial Director
Spotlight Media


Swivle is an app dedicated to the content management teams, to power up the search, catalogue and collaboration between the marketing people.

This is a tool which helps with organizing things generally used by the content managers.

Swivle has some interesting customers, like Loreal. If you want to read some success stories, you can find those here.


its engine is powered by artificial intelligence, it helps you to automatically tagging, and categorizing images, videos and other marketing related files.  According to this, you can find the right files within seconds. You have access to a visual overview of the files, with thumbnails and full previews.

App also offers a 1-click share functionality, so you can make comments, design recommendations, approvals and uploads
all from the shared file.

According to the automatic version control, you will never lose a track. You can explore all the different version of each file, and easily back to the version you loved the most.

Thanks to Branded portals, you are able to create multiple public or private portals, with unique content, styling and subdomain, it is a great tool to share your public brand assets or share your work effects with clients.


If you consider integrating Swivle with your company tools – it has best-in-class Adobe InDesign integration, you can eliminate manual steps, and simply open InDesign files from Swivle, or save them into the cloud.

There is also API available, which allows your dev team, to build own integrations, for example, directly publish your approved assets to CMS system, or E-commerce website.


There are a three plans available. If you want to try Swivle, you can go for a Trial plan – 30 days, no credit card is required. If you decide to stay, you can choose a version which will fills your needs.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Automatic tagging of images through Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Unlimited space for data
  • Adobe InDesign integration
  • There is a mobile app available (Android/IOS)
  • Version control module
  • Great and helpful support team


  • There aren't a free version
  • No Windows/Mac client available at the moment
  • Licenses are pretty expensive
  • It is a quiet new product, with small number of customers

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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