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Simple, but powerful tool which lets your team work more collaboratively. 


Is one of the simplest ways to bring collaboration to the company, which are struggling with communication problems. Help to the Trello Boards, your team will stay organized and informed.


“The transparency and multiple perspectives in Trello helps us provide coherent support to a single country in which there may be multiple projects in different areas involving and supported by different people.”



Trello could improve work in almost every department of a company, for example, Sales Teams could use Board as a CRM pipeline, customer onboarding or just as a resource for co-workers. 

There is a place, where you can find playbooks – how each department can use this product to work smarter, faster and more collaboratively.
Check out: https://trello.com/teams/ 


Each user of Trello has access to the Boards, lists and cards, which allows us to organize, processes, tasks and even private home-related things. 

You can use the board by yourself or share it with the others, you can add to the Cards, things like reminders, tasks, checklists, files and many more.


Trello by default offers some ways to automate things, you can use Power-Ups – addons which allows you to bring additional features to your boards and integrate your favourite apps (like a calendar) right into Trello.

You can also use the Butler, every press of a Butler card or board button, triggering of a rule, or scheduled command execution counts as a command run.

The product also offers API, which allows developers, to create own integrations.


There are 3 plans available.  If you want to try Trello before you will buy the licenses, go for a Free plan which offers unlimited personal cards and boards, and allows you to create 10 Team Boards. 

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Free version which offers a lot!
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Simple way to collaborate
  • Various ways to configure boards/cards
  • Beautiful and consistent UI
  • Higher plans are not expensive


  • You need internet access (no Offline mode)
  • Difficult to handle big projects
  • Upload limit in each card
  • It's hard to repeat some functions (ex. assign label to card)

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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