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Wrike – is a Cloud-based collaboration and project management software that scales across teams in any business.


Wrike is a cloud-based product which helps all size companies with organizing projects and tasks across the business. At this time, the product has about 18,000 customers Worldwide - that's the big player if we are talking about Project Management. Wrike can help you to easily turn strategy into a plan, enable collaboration in your team, and track progress in users/teams tasks.


“With everything contained in Wrike, we were able to leverage Wrike’s functionality to increase the quality of our assets across the board, make sure they were consistent, and also see where we were being efficient.”

Hoon Kim
Creative Production Manager


No matter if your organization is big or small if you are struggling with task delegation, monitoring progress in the projects, or just wants to help employees in organizing their work, Wrike will be a good choice.

The application offers a lot of elasticity, which helps users work as they like and stay organized and informed.

Wrike has a lot of customers, if you want to read some success stories, you can find those here.


One of the biggest advantages of Wrike is that the product offers a truly Collaboration experience.

If you ever use a Google Docs to collaborate with a colleague, you probably know, what I am talking about. Wrike offers a similar experience, called Colour Coding – you see in the real time, changes performed by your co-workers. It helps companies to increase collaboration, overcome the chaos, and improve planning.

The Idea is simple, you have Folders, Projects and Tasks.
Folder helps you to organize the structure – it’s works like a container. The Project has its owner, date, and status, and it’s role is to contain many tasks which are connected with the same goal. Finally the Task allows you to keep a track of changes, call to action and informs you who is in charge.

Wrike offers a custom workflows, requests for the teams and many moore.


There are some add-ons which incredibly expand the possibilities of the tool. You can add a approvals add-on which allows you to comment for ex. an image or video, and assign a task – like changing the colour, to your colleague.

Wrike also offers Integrations. There are more than 35 popular tools which integrate with Wrike

The product also offers API, which allows developers, to create own integrations.


There are a few plans available. If you want to try Wrike, you can go for a Free plan which offers essential functions and its available for the small teams (5 users), you can check how application works in a small team, then you can upgrade to higher plan – if you need extra functionality like Wrike Proof, or advanced controls.

Available plans:

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Our opinion:


  • Free version for the small teams
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Helps you to overcome chaos in the projects
  • Awesome real-time collaboration experience
  • Customizing workflows and approval processes
  • Many different views - Kanban, list view, Gantt etc.
  • Customized dashboards
  • Possibility to integrate with some popular SaaS products


  • In some of the views, it would be nice to have "quick edit" features
  • Users complains about too many notifications (it is possible to turn off those)
  • It has A LOT of features - some users could feel a bit overwhelmed
  • Good training session is needed (Wrike offers a lot of materials for free)

Sounds like a perfect product for your team?

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